Expand your care

Client centric platform

Expand your care

Join the future of healthcare


All solutions in one place

The latest digital medicine tools in one interface, fully integrable into third-party systems or stand alone


Advance client management
  • Booking system

  • Virtual reception

  • Waiting rooms

  • KYC

  • Digital signature

  • Notifications


Payment system
  • Mobile payment

  • Pre / Post paid

  • E-wallet

  • Billing system

  • Reward system

  • Affiliate

Health data

Patient centric solution
  • OCR, EHR, Vitals, Behavioral, Social, Geo

  • Unique secure share system

  • Data consolidation

  • Scoring models

  • API to synch into any medical software or CRM

  • Users have full control over their data (GDPR, MDR, ISO, HIPPA)

Care plans

Patient digital pathways
  • Treatment plans

  • Prevention plans

  • Interactive client navigation

  • Medical notes

  • ERAS Protocols

  • Pre - surgery plans

  • Post - surgery plans

  • Life style interventions

  • Rehabilitation

  • Self care managemet

  • Patient reported outcomes


Digital medicine in practice
  • End-2-end encryption

  • Video consultation

  • Medical chat

  • Medical notes

  • Group messaging

  • Client notification

  • Monitoring on distance

  • Questionnaires

  • Patient reported outcomes

  • Medical council

  • Connection of wireless IoMT devices

Why to activate Hilbi?

Most complex solution to adapt all the upcoming innovation regarding the health management


Single interface for digital care

Our technical architecture allows us to integrate disparate digital medicine tools and consolidate their outputs into a single interface for practitioners.



No direct costs

You pay no setup fee or monthly fee. Just set up a company profile in the Expert Zone and you can use all our innovations immediately.



Tools to increase profit

Clients want to pay extra for convenience and targeted health management. Thanks to HILBI, you can instantly create new revenue streams based on your practice.



Easy integration

Hilbi is fully integrated into any EHR/CRM systems. Through APIs, you can also deploy our innovations into legacy systems without changing your working environment.


Various use cases

Intelligent health portal

mobile app
  • Digitization of paper medical documentation
  • Management of electronic health documentation
  • Connecting monitoring devices (medical, fitness, and other...)
  • New holistic health data
  • A.I. scoring models
  • Consolidation of data from different sources
  • Personal medical cloud
  • Simple and encrypted data sharing between different providers
  • Full user control over data
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Care plans examples

Via Hilbi you can easily create and release your care plans for your clients, with minimum cost and fast time
Total endoprothesis

Orthopedica Clinic

Hand e-rehab

Premedix Clinic

Chronic lung disease

Bratislava University Hospital

Healthy employees

ExpertMed Clinic

Hearth under control

Premedix Academy

Multidisciplinary diabetes

Chief expert of the Ministry of Health

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Hilbi representatives

Through our team members, all the experts in the field to health management will get local information and support in activating new profit through the Hilbi platform
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Make a profit with HILBI

We will be happy to guide you through the activation of Hilbi services, from simple client management to complex digitization of your care services. Activate new ways of earning with the free help of our experienced team.